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Default the best four minutes

While looking for videos last night, I came across this:
The first four minutes are about the best filmmaking I've ever seen with respect to skating. Beautifully shot and edited to flow with the music. Really conveys the feeling in skating. (I'd be happy for about a week if I could ever do five seconds of skating like that.)

I saw the name of the woman who shot it on one of the videos, but couldn't find it later, her professional site is Timeless Connections. Wonderful slideshow plays on the homepage. She has a great feel for children. There us a page with videos. Skate jam galleries, too.

56 videos on her youtube channel.
There's some great skating on here....

added later: Aha! Her name is Debra Chase!

Just watched the first (at the time of this writing) video on her Timeless Connections site - under the "vidoegraphy" tab.
"Love Skating? Love Ain't Fair, or So Some Say"

More great work - blending music with images. Great that she slows it down, you can see the edging, I have a much greater appreciation for the center floor jamming stuff. Nice how the similar moves are then incorporated onto the main skate floor. Maybe it's a regional thing (Florida/Carolinia), but there are a lot more front-to-back transitions on here. Nice flow!!

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