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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
Removing the seals on both sides is as far as you need to disassemble the bearing. A map tack or thin # 2 X-acto knife blade gently under the inner seal lip should do it. Pry gently with the flat size of the blade. Then solvent. A shaker bottle is an OK start. After getting big pieces out in the shaker bottle, blow them dry with compressed air. Then rinse them with carburetor cleaner.. the aerosol stuff in a can. Back to the compressed air. Really you need access to an air compressor, the dusting spray canned air is not real suitable. Once they are dry, lube 'em up and reinstall your seals..

Are your seals flat?? If they are bent, (usually from crushing them with the end of a socket) they will rub on the crown inside and slow ya down for flatten them out.
appreciate your reply. i have removed the seals on 1 side because the seals are in contact with the frame although being flat. so when i tighten too tight, the wheels wont move. not cuz of the bearing but the contact with the seal.

unfortunately i dont have any compress air. only hair dryer which i can remove the heat lol. i need to find the right type of solvent. so you dont suggest i remove all the pieces altogether ? i dont have the right type of oil either. i'll google a bit
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