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Originally Posted by hyperiuSupern0va View Post
appreciate your reply. i have removed the seals on 1 side because the seals are in contact with the frame although being flat. so when i tighten too tight, the wheels wont move. not cuz of the bearing but the contact with the seal.

Can you shoot some pix of the clearance issue?/ Something does not sound correct here.

unfortunately i dont have any compress air. only hair dryer which i can remove the heat lol. i need to find the right type of solvent. so you dont suggest i remove all the pieces altogether ? i dont have the right type of oil either. i'll google a bit

Read back through here. I have described a hot water method of doing this where the water pressure subs for the compressed air.
Lubing bearings is something that has a whole lot of voodoo associated with it. A lot of people have made a lot of money selling the next great thing in lubricants. 3in1 oil is fine. Light grease is fine too, unless you are going for ultimate speed and like cleaning your bearings a lot more often.
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