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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Once in my life I had the same type of issue. I was packing for a bike ride around our big local lake - about 150 miles. I didn't feel like carrying CO2 and a bike pump, so I tossed the CO2 on my desk at home and carried the pump since I could get multiple punctures during that ride as the roads can be full of debris in places. I was riding a road racing bike with very narrow, high pressure tires. I always carry an extra tube and patches.

At roughly 105 miles I got a piece of wire in the rear tire. Repaired it. Began inflating when the pump - a really nice one - blew an "O" ring. I could clearly see in my mind's eye my CO2 lying on my desktop. I was in the middle of nowhere. So i took the pump apart and rearranged some O-Rings to get low pressure capability. For 25 miles I limped along careful to not hit any trash until finally reaching a fuel station with an air hose.
I'm surprised that worked. I considered hobbling to the nearest filling station (which wasn't all that near) but I figured there was no chance their air source would have a presta valve option.
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