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Originally Posted by SDean View Post
Seriously unless your bearings are made of plastic never use water on them. Tempered stainless steel will corrode faster then you could ever dry them.

I'm sorry, I don't know of any skate bearings constructed of "tempered stainless steel". I have run across a few stainless and those were recommended for sk8ing (racing) in the rain....

And why would any "stainless" steel corrode rapidly at all??

I suggest you head down to your local bike shop and pick up an organic de-greaser. Something like Finishline Citrus works good to remove oil and dirt.

Sure, why not.. But if all you have is soap water and dirty bearings...

Now if you have ceramic bearings only use what the manufacturer recommends. If they recommend water and soap than have at it.

Care to expand on where this interesting info is coming from?? I'm curious...
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