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Derrick is right: not skating is not an option.
I'm skinny as a rail, but even so, if I am inactive for a while, I notice ligament strains when I use muscle groups and ligaments that have been idle for a while.

With knees, it depends on where it hurts (front, sides, under the patella/knee cap).
Likely just straining connective tissue (hopefully not, and less likely, a tear).

I'm 62, and have been taking chondroitin and glucosamine supplements. (like Oicusk8huh recommended). I get a liquid version at Costco.

Ibuprofin and ice/heat if the discomfort is acute after skating.

It will be hard, but maybe cut back slightly on how long you skate each session, and stop that session when you start to feel the pain noticeeably.
Build the time gradually.

Hope this helps.

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