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Default new guy here, training about 2 months now, going through wheels like crazy!!!!

Hey all, just joined the group this week and been reading up on everything skate involved. I currently have been skating 3-4 times a week in SE Houston, minimum of 15 miles a session, around a 5 minute mile average. I haven't inline skated since i was in high school, I'm 33 now, and doing this to stay in shape, also I hate running. I have found a passion for this now! But now, I'm finding out that my new rollerblades, the igniter 100's are wearing out super fast, the wheels that is. I have rotated them mulitiple times and they don't even look like 100's anymore, they match the 90 on the second wheel spot now. How long do wheels typicallly last????

They have the 100's on three of the 4 wheels, and a 90 on the second wheel. I ride entirely outside, through rain, and sunshine, doesn't matter, what wheels would yall recommend for grip in rain, and durability. I'm an ex collegiate football player, and weigh 220, so i think i might be kinda hard on things. I bought these rollerblades due to people saying that the 110 with race boots are not good to start out on, so until I build up some ankle stability I will just have to deal with the different size wheels, I can see this being a pain though!!!!

I am digging the blades though, they are comfy and pretty quick! I am going to use them until they just completely wear out, or until i'm worthy of being able to skate on some race boots and be in shape to do them justice! Thanks for your time helping me out with this stuff, complete newb, and not even sure what online shops are good, or if there are even local skate shops for me to support, i live in Houston.
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