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Originally Posted by marksundell View Post
Ok guys and gals, I'd like some feedback here.
I'm a pretty seasoned skater. almost 30 years on skates.
I did aggressive for most of that and I'm getting out of it, mostly into distance skating these days.

I do anywhere from 10-30 miles a week and I've had the pleasure of taking some high speed spills due to the fact I skate on goofy trails and roads...

So, after my last digger I'm thinking about investing in some knee pads.
What do you guys do? It seems most speed guys don't wear them? It is just because there aren't any good ones out there?

But man... it sure sucks to skate 15 miles home when you just jacked up your knee and are dripping blood everywhere. haha.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
I skate about 120 miles per week and I wear knee pads.

I am currently using 187 Killer Fly Knee Pads.

They stay on reasonably well in a crash and do not restrict movement. They are, however, a bit hot and bulky. Based on how warm they felt in winter, I thought they would be unbearable in summer. However, they seem to be OK.

Lizard Skins Softshell knee pads are lighter, less bulky, and even less restrictive. Unfortunately, they are not very durable and they are out of manufacture. I am reserving the remaining life of my last pair for racing. The 187's are quite durable and easily replaced.

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