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Originally Posted by NaNaDo View Post
......Theo and Sue were the pro's David was their son and Paula their neice......
I was coached by Sue twice. First in the early 60's when I first got on skates, then I think Sue and Theo left to coach at Concord, another now closed rink in NE Philly. Then came Rennie Dickens and Marlene Woodard, both who we all loved very much. Marlene was briefly married to the rink owner's son Bill. Then Rennie and Marlene left, and were replaced by the Murphys. They left and Sue and Theo came back and were there until I dropped out in 1972. I use to skate the Tuesday evening dance steps with Sue's other niece Valerie Kepple. My then fiancee (now wife) was a casual skater, and wasn't keen on the me skating with another pretty girl, so I stopped out of respect for her and because things were gearing up for our wedding. The wedding was for Bobby and Joyce, and I remember it was a lot of fun with the reception being held directly in the skating floor. It's funny you mentioned the Imperial Waltz in your post. I just posted something in another thread about a nasty falling I took while doing the Imperial. I hit a loose ball bearing while skating backwards, and fell with my partner landing on top of me. I hit the back of my head pretty good, and was unconscience for a couple of minutes. So if you skated at Pike during the 60's thru 1972, perhaps we've met before. I've said to my wife, that I'd like to get a picture of us waving while standing at the door of that building. If the kids ever make a photo album of our lives after we're gone, they can use that one as the closing photo. Good memories of Pike!....Stealing a kiss from a girl during the darkened couples skate....playing the pinball machines while my partner or girlfriend pestered me to get out on the floor...having Bill Clark play a bouncy piece using only 2 oranges instead of fingers....seeing my Dad drag a big Christmas tree into the rink for Rennie and his wife becasue they couldn't afford one themselves....and seeing the rosin haze in the air after a busy session.....and of course the vision of the perfect girl (my wife) with greatest legs, in the tiniest of skating skirts with white trunks! They are all good memories of Pike.

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