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Yes! I might actually be able to give some advice! I've only been skating for a little over a month, and just cleaned the bearings on my loaners. I used alcohol and a toothbrush, which worked really well. The lubricant I used is Speed Cream by Bones Bearings. I don't have anything to compare it to, but the ride was really smooth after. The 1/2 oz bottle I bought was only $5, and included instructions. Here are some good instructions I found online with an educational picture of the anatomy of a bearing.

Another method I heard from a guy at a skateboard shop (a great place to seek information) is first cleaning your bearings with Goo Gone. Then put your bearings in hot water, following with a rubbing alcohol bath to get out the water. Haven't had a chance to try it, but it sounds... helpful?

I'd google your bearings. I found a little tidbit of info on the Fafnirs, and I'm sure you could find much more on the internet.

In response to your P.S.: The only skate rink we have in Tucson, AZ is Skate Country. We have the corner game, and races by age group. Both are pretty popular. We also have a song or two devoted to reverse direction skate, and backward skate. At the end of a two or three hour session, the kids do the hokey pokey. There are 70's/80's nights and top 40 nights. Other times, popular music is played; mostly hip hop and famous hits.
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