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Originally Posted by Pepper Montana View Post
Until Joey goes to the 'alympics' and makes a scene in the media, I'm definitely more of a Joey fan. I resent Chad for his behavior. He is an incredible athlete though. No argument there.
Chad had a way of just crushing the competition. He didn't win, he prevailed. It just seemed that he was cut of a different grade of steel. Not to mention how important a figure he was in terms of distinguishing the double push before it was the default way of skating.

I'm not sure you can compare the two, at least i'm not convinced of it. But i will say that i miss the days when Chad would be amongst the skaters in the major races. He was colorful and he was a hoot.

I do think the Shani escapades were unfortunate, and were grossly overblown by the media. It was good for the sport (in terms of media attention only) to dummy down the whole thing in terms of getting attention at a level even a dope could understand, but it was at the cost of the reputation of this great athlete and great competitor. That's unfortunate.
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