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Default Ice-to-Inline pt. 2

I'm getting my ice blades off today, so now I just need to locate some frames and a machine to mount them!

-Does anyone know if a certain roller-blade frame will have the same mount holes as a Lake Placid boot? That would make my life a lot easier.
-What kind of sports-store chains have frame-mounting machines?
-What are the best (though not necessarily the most expensive - poor college kid here) wheels and bearings (and frames, if none fit the Lake Placid mount holes) for artistic skating?
-Where can I find Snow White frames or rockered frames for less than $200?
-How do I mount a pick/stopper on ice skate boots?

Thanks a ton, everyone!

EDIT: Do the Triax and Snow-White frames hinder any extra movement you might have with a frame that has the stop in a higher position?
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