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We stayed up north of Two Harbors just east of Gooseberrry Falls State Park. Gooseberry Trailside Suites. It is a single rustic 2 story building with four 2br units in it, full kitchen, fireplace, view out over the lake. was nicely kept and comfortable. not luxury but nice. We had an easy hike from our place to the beautiful falls using the natural trail right from the property hooking into the park's trails. The paved Gitchi Gami State Trail runs along 61 and was good for doing some skating. A lot of the trail was paved with that wonderous "smooth as glass" salt & pepper looking pavement. Nice Stuff!!!

If you are looking to do more than just dash in, skate your butt off and dash home... the North Shore is just beautiful this time of year. Thursday, Friday & Saturday were just fabulous days to hike, sightsee, unwind.

For the race it is real easy to park at the Ford dealer at the start and just skate to the staging area.
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