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Default Ramps, pipes and toe stops

Hey all. First time on quads at the skatepark today, felt OK. Recently started aggressive inline but hate the way the skates trying some Antik Spyders I just got.

What's the take on toe stops? I bottled out of dropping in today as I got it in my head my gumballs would catch on the transition and send me floorwards face first. Any experience of this? I'd rather not have to take them off every time I go to a skatepark.

I did pump up to the coping in two half pipes, and 180 on a quarter pipe OK, so I did ride the transitions facing downwards OK in both cases. I just don't know if the angle/force of dropping in could cause them to catch.

Anyone out there use/have used toe stops? I have seen a couple of YouTube vids with derby girls skating pipes and bowls, they seem to have toe stops, but I am a LOT heavier than they are (over 230lb at the mo!).

Advice appreciated :-)
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