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Default Switching to Speed Skating: which boot?

Hi all,

I've been skating for a few years with SEBA FRX80s. The boots are good in that they have great support and the wheels are 80mm, so you can work up a bit of speed.

However, the boot is rather heavy and I do want to be able to go faster (who doesn't right?) I mainly skate in a straight line, not around a circuit, but if I can find a better place to skate, then hey, I'm not adverse to change.

I'm wondering what skates I should look for...I've had a poke around here and other places, and people have said a couple things:

1. The jump to 150 mm wheels can be quite different and difficult to control.
2. The low cut boots are very different to skate in and take time to master.

With those ideas, I know that I don't have all the time in the world to dedicate to proper training on a daily basis, but I do like to try and get out as much as I can. On average, I usually skate 2-3 times a week, over a distance of 15 km at a time; the boots are just too heavy for me to keep going.

After a bit of research, I narrowed down my search to two boots: the SEBA Marathon 100 and Powerslide Endurance. Reason being that they look a bit lighter than my current setup and the wheels are larger

I'm skating for a) fitness and b) fun. I'm not doing it for any particular racing/ events, just because it's a great energy burner.

For what I'm looking for, what would you people suggest? Is it better to get the low cut boot and spend the time learning first or are the higher boots good enough?

Very appreciative of any feedback! Cheers.
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