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Originally Posted by evilzzz View Post
...That said, I think staying with another Seba model or something similar is just a sideways move. If you want to learn speedskating then you best do it as properly as you are currently able, not stick with what is most familiar. "Proper" speedskating technique is actually restricted by supportive high cuffs that you find on rec skates.
The Seba Marathon and PowerSlide Endurance boots both hinge forward at the ankle to allow a crouching stance. While it is a bit more restrictive than a low cut speed boot, it's not as much as you might think. Which is why I mentioned that we have a few indoor speed skaters that do skate on them.

If he's not looking to compete, "proper" speed skating technique may take some of the fun out of it if he's also prohibitively uncomfortable with a low cut boot.
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