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I ditched my speed boots for comfort on long distance skating, have not given up anything in terms of speed or technique. I use the Seba Marathon. They are very forgiving for forward flexion, much more a mid-cuff than high cuff boot. By comparison, the Powerslide Endurance is a soft-boot type skate(meaning soft liner, with outer exo-shell design), it will be more restrictive given it's higher composite cuff. and, even though hinged, these type soft-boots do not easily flex forward with ease, you need to pressure them, which can place the unsuspecting skater onto toe wheels more often then not. Also, in this classification of skates would be K2 and RB similar cross-trainer skates, both also with composite shells, and still 'soft-boot' design and construction.

I personally prefer the Seba Marathon over all others in this boot category as the carbon-fiber integrated boot is built solid, giving more control over the skate, with the fit and response of a 'comfy' speed boot. The soft-boots tend to be just that, soft and mushy underfoot.

Between the Seba FRX you have an Seba Marathon there are worlds of differences. The FRX is plastic composite type shell with marshmallow soft liners, the marathon is an integrated carbon-fiber shell boot, using speed boot design, with just a dab more padding than a speed boot, in just the right places.

You can see the differences in cuff heights between Seba FR1 next to the Seba Marathon in this pic below. I have since put a Powerslide 3x110 wheel set up on it in place of the 4x100 wheel frame set. And, now that I am looking at this pic, to my left, I see hubby (in the FR1 skates) using my Powerslide Megacruiser pro 3x110 frame on his FR1's. He usually has a 4x80mm frame set up for this skate.

SEBA FR1 and SEBA MARATHON (middle-right)
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