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Originally Posted by matguy View Post
I'm pretty sure the FRX boots are all 165mm mount. You can get 4x100mm, 100/110 HiLo (aka: trixie), and 3x125mm frames with a 165mm mount, but not so much 4x110mm frames. You might be able to find some 4x110mm frames with a 165mm mount, but they end up pretty tall. At that point it's almost worth it to look at 125mm to get the extra roll at almost the same amount of height.
If I were to swap the frames out, would it make that much of a difference in speed, compared to if I just bit the bullet and jumpined on the SEBA Marathon 110, considering it's a "mid cuff" and so a bit more range of movement and better power transfer? I'm not adverse going to a slightly shorter boot, I just think jumping straight to speed skates wouldn't work and I wouldn't enjoy it.
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