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Originally Posted by submeg View Post
If I were to swap the frames out, would it make that much of a difference in speed, compared to if I just bit the bullet and jumpined on the SEBA Marathon 110, considering it's a "mid cuff" and so a bit more range of movement and better power transfer? I'm not adverse going to a slightly shorter boot, I just think jumping straight to speed skates wouldn't work and I wouldn't enjoy it.
Yes, a larger wheel frame on your current boot would make a fairly large difference... but you're even more "stuck" in 165mm mount since you'll have even more 165mm mount equipment unless the frame you get is dual mount (which is even less common.) It'll be a bigger jump in speed and performance to go to the SEBA Marathon 110. But, like what is frustrating for many of us, we don't always get to try them before we buy. And the same for the next step of a lower cut speed boot.

But no one can tell you neither what's more important for you nor how any particular boot is going to fit or perform for you.

Great answers, huh?

To put it in perspective, though, Richard Nett, the guy that runs NettRacing got pretty disenchanted with speed boots in general. He was having issues with ankle strength since he wasn't training as much as he used to. Some people don't have as much of this issue, but in the end, he was an wasn't enjoying skating as much. He got a hold of the SEBA boots and even though he had less direct control, he wasn't fighting the pain and strain, so he could skate with less fatigue and the control issues were less of an issue since he wasn't fighting the pain that was preventing him from having the form he wanted. So, it was a trade off, avoiding pain won on its own merits, but he also noticed his lap times were better as well, plus he wasn't as fatigued afterwards.
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