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Default Hey Amy

I used to come to this site a lot looking for people. I at one time posted on fours. I found the nationals results for novice fours. Jackie Fosgate, Mike Dorso, my self and Carol Simons of course were listed. I wanted to post it on Jackie's wall on facebook. Then I saw this post. I have already said hey on facebook.
Weren't we nice kids. We (all of us) really where really were good kids and skaters.
I didn't have good parents they were horrible people. I failed two grades in grade school. My parents said nothing. Apparently they didn't care. I was never offered help. None of use were ever encourage and basically they didn't like us. I remember before my first competition skating for John Harris (the best in the business) that I was going to compete for the first time with John as my teacher. I was so happy he was my teacher. Anyway I was told I couldn't go. My parents hated the roller skating. They said I would never win and it was a waste of time. It brought shame and embarrassment to them and all of my trophy's on the TV to rub it in. I went anyway. When I got home I got beat with the belt (not unusual) and was told I could never skate again or even mention it. That was the last time I was beaten and from then on I never told them I was going to a meet or practice I just did it. No Kidding, I would at 14 and 15 years old just go to a competition for three days and never tell them I would just come home three days later with trophies. It wasn't that I was gone three days and not knowing where I was that bothered them. They didn't care about that. But I was skating and that brought humiliation to white the white trash that they were.
See all of those pitchers really do take me back. The reason I mention the horrible parents that taught us nothing and neglected us (9 children) is in looking back, and I am sincere, I learned things like manners, and how not to behave and was cared for and driven to practice and meets. To me I realize that it was your mom, the Longenbergers, Simons, Smiths, and of course Claire Kerner that raised me. When we would go to competitions I would go to Sunday Mass in what ever city were were competing. Eileen Simon would make sure of that and so would Clair Kerner. You lived close to me so I usually went to practice with. I can still see your mom with one hand on the wheel with her body twisted to shake and finger and say, "If you don't knock it off. . . " Remember me to your mom and tell her I love her and thank her.
Remember when you were pretty small especially compared to you. We used to play around at pairs. Man I could do anything with you. You were so little i could through you around like a foot ball. You were fearless. You would do anything. Cartwheels, Extensions, Air Planes. I really thought all those years that one day we would skate together. I wonder if John Thought the same. I have say that when you were about 3 feet shorter than me and we would whip around the rink and they you were in the over my head. We would have been so good. You would do anything I asked. One time we even did a pretty fast throw axle, which is no big deal except you were so little.
All of the kids we skated with were fun. There really wasn't anyone I didn't like. Bullwinkle what a sweet little girl she was. She did not get all of the attention but I bet she did know what a precious sweetheart she was. Jackie was Gigit to me. She should have had a surf board. I figured Lorri must have became nuclear physist or something like that requires a lot a brains. On facebook I saw your family photo could not help note what a pretty young lady Lori became. I hope all of you are well.
We laughed a lot then. Getting old can really suck. I want to be a kid again and go skating. I will be 58 this summer.
I wish you had some videos or pictures from back then. I remember the first year skating fours with Jackie and her partner was Don Earls. Someone took a video (8 mm) I would love to see things like that. I never got to see the double axle unfortunately. I remember way back then, shortly after I quick skating someone telling me that you placed 2nd at nationals and landed your double Axel. I think it might have been Janet Kerner. She said your double axles were so effortless that you might think it was only a single Axel. I would love to see a video of you winning 2nd place.
Anyway I am going to hunt some more for that program that list us. I want add that to me there was nothing more important than skating and I thought of it night and day and then dream of it. Skating saved me from a life that I could only dread. You and all the people we skated with have no idea what a healthy, positive, and happy world for me.
Only the Best Memories.
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