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Hello everyone,

I have been hanging around this forum for a while as a guest, but a few weeks ago I registered. I have been doing artistic roller skating and figure skating for 3 years now as an adult hobby skater;-) I joined 3 clubs in Essen and Duisburg Germany in order to have enough training! Club fees are not that expensive so I manage that quite well;-))) and I need skating as an alternative to my job, I am a freelance translator for English and German and sit at a laptop all day. The postive side is, I can decide for myself when to go to the roller or ice skating rink as both are very near to my flat;-)....

I skated as a girl...we did aggressive skating already before that was invented;-) on our village streets and I always wanted to do more, join a skating club, but this wasnt possible living on the countryside on a vinery with very busy parents who couldnt roller or ice skate at all. None of my family did that ever with exception of an aunt but she stopped when she was 18. when i visited her in Toronto and told her that I had selected the same hobby now she was quite happy;-)))

So I tried out ice skating as well in school when we had skating days there, loved it instantly (no props for me ever, hate them to see on the rinks, they are so bad for people learning to skate) and had to wait until eventually I studied at university to join an adult skate group at last. Adult skating was then known a bit 10 years ago in germany, before that nobody knew anything about it that it was possible to start this sport as an adult and be good at it and learn all of the basic skills. During my university and working times I skated off and on, but after my mother's death I decided to change town, my job and also to join a skating club in the town i selected! First I lived in Toronto for 4 months and also skated there in a Meetup Group...that was cool and got me going on skates, but then i decided to move back to germany and i chose Essen in NRW to live. I have done a good choice with that town as they have clubs for both roller and ice skating, I met a lot of people there and skating is great for networking which is absolutely essential for freelancers! i even hooked up another translator to skating and we both joined a club in the neighbor town of Duisburg to do even more skating! LOL

I have taken part in some show skates already and I now am interested in doing figures and all basic skills, and also dance steps...

In ice skating I will go to a workshop in berlin to work and learn with Le Patin Libre in the summer, they are geniuses and I am looking very much forward to it;-)

my skates I use are Risport boots (Size 275 mm, B), Mistral plates, and Fox Light wheels, on the ice I am with Jackson Freestyle, Aspire Ultima blades...

I am selling my inline plates again as it didnt work out for me at all...well you live and learn, they are size 17, Snow Whites.

I do a bit of freestyle inline with Ultrablades from Canada ...nothing special but they fit me comfortably for fun street skating...I adapted the wheels a bit to do freestyle slalom;-)

thats all for the moment..i will put an ad for my inlines later in case I dont sell at this weekend when my roller skating club holds a competition where I volunteer and help out at the rink!
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