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I am an adult skater, having taken it up because I now have the time since giving up competing and coaching baton twirling .

I skate in the UK for Retroskate in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (the biggest club in the UK so I'm told). The club is fairly new, been set up for about 4 years. I also skate at Waveney Roller Skating Club in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I have now been skating for about 2 years and loving every minute. I take part in competitions for figures, dance and free. I have a competition in 5 weeks time when I will be doing my 1st ever duo and trio dance competition as well as solo.

My current skates are Edea Preludio, with Roll line Variant plate and CS Star Wheels for free and Roll Line Grease wheels for dance, but I am looking to buy a new set up of Edea Overture boots, Mistral plate and would like a set of 4 blue/4 grey Giotto wheels for freestyle.

when I am not skating, I work in a children's nursery for 0-5 year olds, I play the snare drum in a marching band (which I only took up August 2012), I play the alto saxophone at home, like shopping, playing on internet and the Nintendo 3DS console
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