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Default Solaris boot question

Howdy Doc, hope all is well.
I recently picked up a pair of Solaris boots and t nut mounted them to my XK-4 S/A plates.
Mounting went fine, centered perfectly.
Skated them, they skate pretty well but compared to my 265 / XK-4's I feel like I am back on my heels (both skates have size 8 plates in identical locations fore/aft on the boots).
Now my 265's have about a 3/8" heel to them where the Solaris is a flat soled boot.
Am I too far off base saying the flat sole makes me feel "on my heels"?
I typically have a forward, deeply bent knee skating style but in the Solaris this stance feels much more difficult to get / stay in.
Would it be worth trying a 3/8" heel riser between the boot and plate?
Will such a riser be detrimental to the boot if I do?

Thanks in advance.
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