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Originally Posted by BPTS View Post
Howdy Doc, hope all is well.

Been better. Touck of a bug and my old joints are not happy w/ this weather.. Other than that I'm OK.. and you??

I recently picked up a pair of Solaris boots and t nut mounted them to my XK-4 S/A plates.


Mounting went fine, centered perfectly.


Skated them, they skate pretty well but compared to my 265 / XK-4's I feel like I am back on my heels (both skates have size 8 plates in identical locations fore/aft on the boots).
Now my 265's have about a 3/8" heel to them where the Solaris is a flat soled boot.
Am I too far off base saying the flat sole makes me feel "on my heels"?

Not @ all. In fact that is exactly what is going on.

I typically have a forward, deeply bent knee skating style but in the Solaris this stance feels much more difficult to get / stay in.

Yessir, they are not your old sk8s.

Would it be worth trying a 3/8" heel riser between the boot and plate?

Would be easier to leave the old sk8s @ home and just use the new ones. Lots of sk8rs I have known over the years kept their bail out pair (old sk8s) handy while trying out the new ones. Usually keeps them from ever sorting out the new ones because they keep switching back. .

Will such a riser be detrimental to the boot if I do?

I would not think so.

Thanks in advance.
My 2 cents... But to be honest, I would sk8 the Solaris exclusively for a while, then knock the heels off the 265s. Once ya do that you can start going with shorter plates.

Good luck, really it is not that hard to sort out. I have put more high top sk8rs on speed sk8rs than I can remember. No one burt into flames...although a few had balance issues for a bit.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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