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Default Skates!!

Hi BB,
Just saw your message. (Sorry, computer has been in the shop for a few days. Caught a virus. ) Anyway, I'm back now....
I did send you a PM, but basically....

As far as freestyle goes.....At Worlds, almost everyone is now skating artistic inline on 3 wheel frames. From what I can see posted, it is the same for creative solo/dance.....So, except for the very beginner level, I feel safe saying that artistic is using 3 wheel frames. Can't help you on slalom. (Know nothing about it.) But check out some vids on youtube and/or try the Slalom Cone Skating Forum on this site.
If you are not doing freestyle (jumps/spins) and are doing recreational skating. Then the skates in the picture should be fine.

My skates are:
Boots: Riedell (Royals)
Frames: Snow White (originals)
Wheels: Speedmax

I have never used a 4 wheel frame so I do not know if you will have a problem adjusting if you want to change later. My best guess is that you should be able to do so within a few days. (Especially if you were able to conquer quad to inline, which is the real trick.) But, since I have only skated on 3 wheel frames, that is only a guess. Depending upon your level, you might want to start with the (beginner)skates in the picture and then upgrade to a Snow White or another 3 wheel frame later. (Note: If you are skating freestyle and can land an axel or above on quads, definitely upgrade now!!!! But I think the beginner skate in the picture would serve for single jumps and basic spins.)
Someone mentioned on a thread once that 4 wheels where easier to spin in but harder to land jumps in, and vice versa. So see what you think.....

Hope this Helps!!
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