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Default PIC Now Has 3 Wheel Frame

Originally Posted by jkaplenk View Post
I would agree with most of the comments above. In the roller skating inline world most of the skaters are using the three wheel rockered frames. In the Paris Open, which is not affiliated with the roller skating folks and that attracts more ice skaters and ice coaches there was a large number of PIC skates with four wheels. I don't endorse any one in particular and only speak from personal experience.

I own and have used both three wheel and four wheel and feel more comfortable in four wheels for free skate, but come from an ice background. I feel the rocker better and they feel more like my ice blades with a smoother transition from front to back. The longer wheelbase and heavier frame does affect some skaters and so some skaters may find three wheel frames better. A longer wheelbase may help some beginners since there is a longer platform to lessen forward and backward spills. Snow White also has a new frame that is lighter than the previous model.

For dance the wheels hanging further out the back may cause some issues. Even on ice they make the dance blades shorter. So my three wheel frames will be used when I get the dance going on inlines. (I'm still doing those on quads to give me some different perspectives). After the Open and Regionals I'm going to shift my training regime to include the dance on inlines.

If you can make it to the U.S. Open in Chicago next weekend, May 1 - 3 there will be exhibitors with both PIC and Snow Whilte frames that you can demo on. Go to the website under news for the contact info. Anyone that is planning on attending and wants to try them out should send them an email and let them know you are coming so they can try to have some skates available.

Joe Kaplenk
Competition Planning Committee
U.S. Open Inline Chicago 2009

I just went to the PIC website and noticed they now have a 3 wheel setup. As I haven't tried the Snow White, I am not sure how they will compare with that 3 wheel setup.
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