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Default 2007 A2A Has Low Registration (again)

The following is an email from one of the A2A organizers to the Inline Club of Boston:

Dear skate club,
Our beloved event A2A is in crisis again, registration has been very low compared to this time last year.

At this point the decision is to have a very minimal event rather than to cancel. We have added a new 10K which should bring in skaters of all abilities. Now we need your help to get the word out.

The mailed flyers will be hitting mailboxes starting today. I had several hundred extras printed, and now I need your help to get them distributed to rinks, retailers, and wherever else around town.

I will try to get to as many local skate events as possible in the next few weeks to hand out flyers to the club which you can then pass out around town. If you would like to arrange to meet to pick up flyers please let me know. Also if you want to print your own, the original is on the web site here:

For those you know who are NOT distance skaters, please talk up the 10K everywhere you go! This is an event for everyone.

On August 15th we will be having a budget meeting and will decide what we can do with the resources we have. Anything you can do to boost registration before that date will really help! We will have to make decisions about the kind of event we can have based on the trends we are seeing at that time. NOW is the time to pull together and make A2A the best event it can possibly be.

Thank you for your support,
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