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There are several groups that have developed skill levels for teaching inline figure skating. The RSA has a program the is oriented towards teaching roller skating with some modifications for inlines. It is a graduated structure similar to ISI and has patches at each level. IISA had a program that covered begining concepts on inlines in general. I think this was taken over by USSG.

USFIFS is developing a program based on the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program but is being modified to inlines. This is not ready yet.

But a good guide to start with is "How to Jump and Spin on In-Line Skates" by JoAnn Schneider Farris. A link to her book at Amazon is:

JoAnn is also one of the USFIFS Board members.

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Originally Posted by sereneheart81 View Post
Hi, I am just wondering if there is a standard guide towards a Inline Figure Skater's skills level ? e.g Usually for Ice skate, they have a Alpha , Beta, Gamma, then levels 1-10 , and students need to pass each level before advancing.
So is there a similar kind of test of levels for Inline? Where can I obtain this source of information?

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