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Nice pics, sorry for your booboo.

Hi, I'm a beginner down in Torrance.

I went to Venice beach to buy my skates, but I'm just getting up to parallel turns, so I didn't try skating there. While I was there I went running on the path and was told by a bicycler that only bikes could be on the path.

There ARE big signs that say "bicycles only" with an arrow but that could mean "bicycles can only go this direction in this lane".

Is that true? There's no WAY I'm skating in the pedestrian area once I get good enough, it was hard enough to run through the crowd on the 'pedestrian path' It's just nuts.

I'm in Torrance so I'd be on the Redondo end, but want to make sure I don't piss people off by skating (or running) on the wrong path.


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