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Default A tale of three pairs of 295 boots

Doc - some interesting stuff plus questions on 295 boots:

1) note what appears to be a size of 6-1/3. I looked at this under magnification and every other which-way and that's what it says. Assuming a misprint, and have never noticed that on any other boot up to now.

2) Are these late 295 production? Tongue foam is gray, not blue, heel is short, and the blue/red Riedell logo are a tipoff. What I question is the leather. Is it 'roo leather? The light-gray or grayish-blue seems a clue, but am unclear what years Riedell used 'roo leather. Also, can you decode the born-on date? I can't from the number set what year these boots were made.

3) My favorite of the 3. This 1975/76 speed skate setup has fafnir 8's, Jim Cook 'soft's and XL plates, but what really picked my interested was the boots. Seeing the open-toe I first thought of the 285's that preceded the 295, yet inside is the 295 marking. Have you seen any open-toe 295's? Also of note is the riveted tongue loop. These skates kinda have that funky look, but I'm super happy they fit me as I love these decades old speed setups. 1975 thru 1977 represented a sweet-spot in my early skating years and it's cool to see what was out there at the time. I had no idea about these setups as most everybody in my neck of the woods at that time was in art boots.
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