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I'd love bring this topic up again although this post may be a bit messy...

I recently got a pair of Riedell 265s with DynaPros on them. The boots are size 13.5 and the wheelbase measures about 190mm (~7 1/2"); the spec sheet says size 9 DynaPros are 188mm so I think that's what's there. They're mounted pretty much against the heel and I feel like I'm falling forward constantly when I skate in them, especially when going up hill I feel like I need to stay on my heels.

I "moved" from R3s with what I'm guessing are Thrust plates measuring around 205mm (~8 1/16") wheelbase, factory mount. I say "moved from" in quotes because I'm still mostly skating these while reffing and coaching derby.

I got some size 6 Avengers to put on the new boots. The wheelbase is comparable (I think the spec sheet says 190mm) to the DynaPros but I want to mount them further forward. I know that it's all "personal preference," but how far forward should I start out with these plates? My initial thinking is to put the tip of the kingpin under the ball of my foot but ... is that crazy talk?

Finally, I'm thinking about mounting the DynaPros to the R3 boots as more of a "street" setup. Are the boots adequately constructed for this or should I sell them for $50 and get a better set of boots? Are there any different mounting concerns for skating around town versus on the nice smooth rink floor? How about if I wanted to visit the skatepark? My gut feeling is that a forward mount will be best for stability in general once I lock in the "stand on the balls of my feet" that I suspect I should be doing when I skate (that comes from my days as a ski instructor) but maybe that suspicion is also wrong...

Oh, finally part two, do people ever mount their plates off of or rotated versus the centerline of the boot? At times I feel like my skates are "off center" when I skate and I was pondering marking a new centerline with the aid of a dowel; stand on a 1" or so dowel down the length of the boot and move around until I feel perfectly balanced when standing on one foot. Is this idea crazy?

Thanks a ton; I've read a bunch of posts here already and I'm ready to start drilling. I just wanted a few more thoughts on the matter...
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