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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Scooter totals
Activities 5
Total Distance 4.73 mi
Total Activity Time 49:08 h:m:s
Active Calories 518 C
Total Elev Gain 62 ft
Average Speed 5.8 mph

Hiking Totals
Total Distance 10.54 mi
Total Activity Time 4:51:15 h:m:s
Active Calories 962 C
Total Elev Gain 2,156 ft
Average Speed 2.2 mph
Average Heart Rate 91 bpm

Cycling Totals
Activities 3
Total Distance 24.08 mi
Total Activity Time 1:51:38 h:m:s
Active Calories 690 C
Total Elev Gain 276 ft
Average Speed 12.9 mph
Average Heart Rate 112 bpm

Skating Totals
Activities 25
Total Distance 391.37 mi
Total Activity Time 34:13:02 h:m:s
Active Calories 14,487 C
Total Elev Gain 10,951 ft
Average Speed 11.4 mph
Average Heart Rate 118 bpm

Total Totals
Activities 35
Total Distance 431.50 mi
Total Activity Time 41:53:13 h:m:s
Active Calories 16,741 C
Total Elev Gain 13,451 ft
Average Speed 10.3 mph
Average Heart Rate 117 bpm
April was better than expected, considering the work threat:

Scooter Totals
Activities 4
Total Distance 3.62 mi
Total Activity Time 33:55 h:m:s
Active Calories 383 C
Total Elev Gain 43 ft
Average Speed 6.4 mph

Hiking Totals
Activities 1
Total Distance 8.43 mi
Total Activity Time 4:13:15 h:m:s
Active Calories 710 C
Total Elev Gain 1,791 ft
Average Speed 2.0 mph
Average Heart Rate 85 bpm

Skating Totals
Activities 27
Total Distance 457.04 mi
Total Activity Time 38:31:57 h:m:s
Active Calories 17,284 C
Total Elev Gain 11,765 ft
Average Speed 11.9 mph
Average Heart Rate 119 bpm

Total Totals
Activities 32
Total Distance 469.09 mi
Total Activity Time 43:19:06 h:m:s
Active Calories 18,377 C
Total Elev Gain 13,599 ft
Average Speed 10.8 mph
Average Heart Rate 118 bpm

A lot of work stress in April. Long hours during the week but the weekend threat mostly remained threat. I did skip out on one hike because more commitment then I could manage.

No rain, so no biking. Actually, a couple a Saturdays I probably would have the used the bike but it was at work, which is where it remains. I need to arrange an intentional ride back since an opportunistic ride back on account of rain is unlikely before September.

I'm surprised that the volume and speed of skating was a high as is recorded. It sure felt like I tired and slow and missing here and there but it was more consistent than that.

This month the work stress is easing off. Maybe I can get my sleep schedule more back in sync so I can reduce the tired factor.
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