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Originally Posted by angcor02 View Post
Ok so I just went and refelt them, they do have a sticky rubbery feel, but not a lot? So maybe they are supposed 2 be this way and I just can't skate them? Or maybe I have no idea what I'm doing! Geez I wish there were more local knowledgable Az skatres to help me!

There are some of us around. I'm not an expert, but I know a lot so I consider myself knowledgeable.

Send a PM to Madcow (his real name is Bill). He usually skates at Great Skate, but he goes to the other rinks too. Heck I was even up there a couple of weeks ago and I know a couple of knowledgeable folks who skate at the Mesa rink on Saturday nights.

Anyway, I'm sure Bill can tell you if they are glazed.

Unless you are a real light weight, the reds should feel grippy to you not slick at all. That's assuming they are like red shamans which is what I'm familiar with (see knowledge, not expert ). I have yellow lips and my daughter who only weighs about 90 lbs says they are grippy and the reds should be more so. Not seeing them, I'd say they are probably glazed and they need a trip to the Beaver. He does excellent work.
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