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Originally Posted by LOU solitaire View Post
Hi Lawrence.

I broken my world record with - a littel - drafting 574.56 km (357 miles) in 23:53 (579km in 24:08 = 359.85 miles).
In September in Lyon, France, I shall make an attempt to break the world record officile broken in 2008 by the dutchman Henry Visscher with 541km 336.23 miles, and in 2004 by Italian Mauro Guenci with 543.5km 337.8 miles.

The European are the most motivated on long distances these last years.

Montreal is near USA, but where were the American solos in Montreal? Lawrence was hurt (knee damaged), but on a country of 250 millions ?, where were solos (soli) ?
Congratulations on another victory and another world record, Philippe! I am looking forward to hearing about your result in September.

To answer your question...

1. Inline skating is much less popular in the USA than in Europe (or than in Canada, it seems).

2. American skaters don't like really long distances. The most popular distance is 42K, and after that interest declines rapidly. Our premier long distance race -- Athens to Atlanta -- continually teeters on the verge of cancellation.

3. The American skaters who have solo-skated Montreal before -- me, Johnny Chen, Bryan McKenney, Mark Sibert, Brian Shicoff, etc. -- either had other projects going this year, or skated in the relay.
-- Lawrence
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