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Default 2010 National Roller Cup

2010 National Roller Cup Event Calender

Sat Feb 27
Race on the Base
Where: Joint Forces Training Base near Los Alamitos, CA
Description: 10K on the runways of the Joint Forces Training Base
Type: Class A

Sun Mar 14
Squiggy Inline Marathon
Where: Flatwoods Wilderness Park in Tampa, FL
Description: Fri. Mar 12: Skate in the Dark, a social skate
Sat. Mar 13: TimeTrials, individual and teams
Sun. Mar 14: Marathon and half marathon. The marathon is the NROC event.
Type: Major

Sun Apr 25
Texas Road Rash
Where: Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TX
Description: Saturday April 24, 2010 - Elimination race at 4 p.m.
Sunday April 25, 2010 - Marathon and half-marathon 8 a.m. The marathon is the NROC event.
Class: Major

Sat May 1
NorthShore Inline Marathon May Day 10K (tentative)
Where: Duluth, MN
Description: New 10K race planned by the organizers of the NorthShore Inline Marathon
Type: Class A

Sat May 8
Brookside "Cut My Teeth" Circuit Race
Where: Brookside Park, Indianapolis, IN
Description: Marathon, half-marathon and 3-lap sprint. Rec/Fit, Advanced and Procategories.
Type: Class A

Sun May 9
Marathon Roller Montreal
Where: Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, QC
Description: Inline marathon on the F1 racetrack at Parc Jean Drapeau
Type: Major

Sun May 16
Eagle Creek Circuit Race
Where: Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN
Description: Marathon, half marathon and 3-lap sprint. Rec/Fit, Advanced and Pro categories.
Type: Class A

Sat May 22
Empire Speed Challenge
Where: Orchard Beach in the Bronx
Description: 15K and other distances; organized by Empire Speed.
Type: Class A

Mon May 31
Great Midwest Inline Marathon
Where: Elkhart Lake, WI
Description: Two day event includes full and half marathon, criterium and time trial. The NROC event is the full marathon
Type: Major

Sat Jun 5
Brooklyn Skate Marathon
Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York
Description: A new full and half marathon in Prospect Park, home of the New York 100K
Type: Major

Sun Jul 11
Lawrence Village Criterium
Where: Lawrence Village, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, IN
Description: 100m and 200m sprints, half and full marathon; Rec/Fit, Advanced and pro categories.
Type: Class A

Sun Jul 25
Chicagoland Inline Marathon
Where: Hoffman Estates, IL
Description: Part of the Chicagoland Inline Tour, July 23-24, 2010 Events include a
340-meter sprint, Time Trial, circuit race and marathon
Type: Major

Sat Aug 7
Minnesota Half Marathon
Where: Saint Paul, MN
Description: North America's biggest half marathon.
Type: Major

Sat Aug 28
Planet Adventure Race (TBA)
Where: Indianapolis, IN
Description: Venue to be announced.
Class A

Sun Sep 5
Ottawa Inline Festival
Where: Rock Rockcliffe Parkway,Ottawa, ON
Description: Three events in one day: NROC pros earn points in the Triple Crown (10K, full marathon and half marathon); NROC advanced skaters earn points in the marathon.
Type: Major

Sat Sep 11
NorthShore Inline Marathon
Where: Duluth, MN
Description: North America's biggest inline marathon and largest skate event. Full and half marathon
Type: Mega

Sun Sep 19
Skate of the Union
Where: Fairfax County Police Department's Driver Training Facility in Chantilly, VA
Description: Half marathon in the U.S. capital. Note: this event is tentative; the date may change.
Type: Class A

Sat Sep 25
New York 100K
Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn,NewYork CityPark,
The NROC finale again this year. NROC pros collect double points in the
100K; NROC advanced skaters earn points in the marathon.
Type: 100K is Mega; marathon is Major

So many new and cool looking events this year. You can get details on the event types and more at:

Roll to Live, Live to Roll

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