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Leg length - Doesn't matter. What you do with your legs/feet does.

Skates - Of the ones you mentioned, I would recommend the RB Twister 243s. They are actually very good skates for the money, and very appropriate for slalom and freeskate.

My biggest complaint about Twisters is that their shell design poses serious problems for skaters with big ankle bones. But if your friend doesn't have this problem, the Twisters will probably work well for him. The Twister frame is not all that great (not too stiff), but its better than a rec skate frame, and its 243mm length is good for slalom.

I just strongly suggest he give them a try at the store before buying. Tie/buckle them up real tight, as that's how you would want to slalom in them. Skate around a bit and make sure he does not have severe pain at the ankle bone.

Another option is the Seba FRx. The FRx is like a much lower-end FR1 (cheaper parts/frame, different design, but still hard shell boot). Though does not have the FRx on their website, I was thinking they do sell it. Price should be similar to that of the Twister. Your friend could email to confirm they sell it if he is interested.

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