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Oh. Reading over your post again. Some more comments.

1) Your friend is just starting freestyle. I think the Twister frame will work fine for him at the start as its reasonably stiff and short enough for slalom. So he shouldn't really factor in frame replacement in the cost of the skate. Later on, when he gets better, he could decide to replace the frame if he thinks the twister frame is holding him back.

2) Wheels - Yeah, 80A is kinda soft. But the rollerblade wheels are crap anyway. They will serve fine until he wears them down and he can buy decent wheels (with harder durometer) then. I like Hyper Pro 250 hockey wheels (the orange ones - 84A).

Regarding wheels - The biggest issue starting off I think is that the wheels will be a flat setup (all wheels the same size). I very much recommend skating slalom with a rockered setup (outer wheels smaller than inner wheels). For a 243mm frame, that means inner wheels = 80mm, outer wheels = 76mm.

Your friend could always buy a set of 8 76mm wheels to end up w/ 2 full rockered wheel setups. If he doesn't have money for that, he could perhaps bum some old worn, 80mm wheels to be the outer "rockered" wheels. Or he can just slalom with a flat setup for now.
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