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Originally Posted by mrv View Post
It's funny guys that no one mentioned Jan Blokhujsen because the scenario is very clear.
It seems the plan is as follows:

1) 1 mile after the start Bart and Jan (who dont know who Jan is - look into wiki) probably will push to the limit and broke the elite group - maybe one, two, three skaters will be able to survive next 3-5 miles (it depends if they will cooperate with B&J or not)
2) after mile 7 - Bart and Jan will be probably alone

Assuming weak side wind and 125mm frames they will be able to maintain ~47km/h - it allows to go below 54mins.

Bart already did the same with Severin Widmer (he was outpaced ~10 mins before finish) last year in Berlin. I think Jan has no significant experience in inline but he is stronger than Bart on ice and Stronger than widmer on inlines. Depending on the road situation Jan will try to do the same or even will pass the finish with Bart. On 110 wheels they can broke the record but by seconds and wind they will play important role.

sxevegan: I don't think Joey is endurance skater and if he starts he may be one of the skaters who survive 7 miles. Afaik Joey will not start there - if he will, he for sure help Bart as he knows perfectly he is not endurace type of skater.

Spencer.Berry: Bart many times mentioned (in Berlin in afterrace interviews) that he hoped that Severin Widmer survive at least 40 mins cause he was not sure about surviving alone.
My prediction was pretty close. About a half mile in, there was a separation with Bart, Jan, Jarrett, Joey, Stelly, Ryan Chrisler, and me. I'd say about a mile or so later Jarrett, Ryan, and I were off the back and absorbed by the chase group. Stelly was the next to drop back. Then Jan. Joey and Bart were together for quite a bit longer. The chase group worked hard for a while, but the pace eased a bit around the time we caught Jan. We could see Joey up the road for the last 6 to 8 miles of the race, but he was able to keep his pace high enough that we never caught him.
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