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Cool Anyone here skate BPA trail in Federal Way, WA

Anyone here skate BPA trail in Federal Way, WA

It's near Seattle (about 30 miles south of Seattle)

I live near the south end of it. We skate the South end of it (the hills get rather long & steep North of where we turn around)
I'm sure a good skater (or a crazy person) could bomb the hills all the way from end to end, but not me.
It's quite smooth (asphalt). I can go up any of the hills, but downhill, I have to either slalom, or skate into the grass (if my speed starts to get frightening to me),

I haven't even skated it at all this year because I've been skating in rinks on my quads & need to get comfortable on inlines again before I go the.

I'll probably go to Ruston Way Path in Tacoma first in order to get used to inline skates again as well as skating on less than perfect surfaces. It's relatively flat with just normal sidewalk cracks.

There was a guy on the Ruston path who was setting up a Friday Night Skate a year or two ago - he stopped me & told me about it when we were there one time, but I never made it to his group skate (it sounded like a great idea though).

Anyway, once I get my skills and confidence back, if you're going to skate BPA or Ruston Path, let me know when you'll be there, and I'll see if my family and I can show up (Me, wife, and two college age kids). We'd probably just start with other skaters, and be slower, so we wouldn't see you after the starting point.
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