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Once you get rolling around a bit, try going in circles over and over to practice your crossovers. I used to do this for hours on end in my parents concrete drive which doubled as a basketball court. Do it in both directions from the beginning so it doesn't feel awkward to switch it up. If you practice only one direction like they do in a rink environment, you will feel awkward when you change from clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa.

Once you get the hang of crossovers, try going slowly backwards. I would suggest checking out a local rink for two reasons. First, you can practice in a tame environment where it won't hurt as much to fall. Second, you can watch the other skaters and emulate their technique/style. Then take what you learned outdoors. You might want to pick up some good wrist guards for this. Maybe some other pads if you're starting outdoors.

Once you get good at going backwards, start doing some backwards crossovers. It may take a while to reach this level so be patient. But then it's the same thing, just go in circles over and over like you did with the forward crossovers, switching between the two directions clockwise and counter clockwise.

Then you can start doing figure eights, transitions from front to back, spins, toe work, whatever you want or feel like. From there, the sky's the limit. Just make sure to hammer the basics for a good while until you find your stride. You won't become expert overnight. Forget the destination for a while, it's all about the journey, especially with skating. Just do what feels good and have fun
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