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The ice skating suggestion is a good one. Or maybe you already know how to ice skate. If so, that would be an easy switch. If you don’t ice skate, you can still watch and apply the ice skating form to your skating. I do this when I skate. My inspiration was an Olympic ice skater. I don’t know if you are a hockey fan, but tomorrow night the Ottawa Senators play the Pittsburgh Penquins in the Atlantic Division playoffs. It is going to be an exciting game and it might give you some motivation. In time, you can skate just as fast and agile. Pretty cool, huh?

In the beginning, I learned with a skate on one foot and a shoe on the other. It looked like I was skateboarding. I rolled along the side of a chain link fence so I could grab on to it for balance. I soon put on both skates and followed the chain link fence. Then after a while I stoped using the fence for balance. I’m not saying this was a great way to learn, but it worked for me.

For learning tips, keep your knees slightly bent. This lowers your center of gravity and puts you in the “ready” position to make balancing corrections with your feet. It might look funny at first, but after a while you don’t need to do this as much. Learning to turn is another good early-learning thing, and a simple way to slow down and stop. You shed a lot of speed when you turn. If you turn sharp enough, you stop. In fact, a very sharp jump-turn is called a hockey stop, but that is a more advance technique. For now, you can be content to slow down by making a turn. Also, as soon as possible, learn to skate only on one foot at a time. This will allow you to do a simple stop called the T-stop. To do this, you need to balance on one skate and lightly drag the other skate sideways behind you. Learning to stop will help you lose the fear of crashing/falling and give to confidence to try new moves.

Go Monika! The world is sprinkled with smooth skate-able surfaces waiting to be played on, surfed and enjoyed.
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