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Default Bones Bearings.

Hey Doc,

What are the differences between the different Bones bearings?

Mostly materials or construction...which affect the price.

I know there is a difference in price and the super swiss 6 has 6 balls

And is only available in 8mm

and I believe the others have 7. I also know the labyrinth has a better seal to keep out dirt.

So far so good.

What other differences are there? Is one better for rough skaters or people who skate more than a few hours a week?

That is an interesting way to address this.. I would assume by "better" that you mean durability?

Would you help everyone (and me) understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following please?

Bones Reds

Chinese copies of the original Swiss. Comparable roll but the durability is not there..

Bones Super Swiss 6

Genuine Swiss with bigger balls that are supposed to make for better roll... Because they are 8mm I have never run any in quads so I don't know. They got mixed reviews from the speed sk8rs I know that tried them.

Bones Swiss

The original and best balance between price durability and speed.

Bones Swiss Labyrinth

The Swiss with a special seal as you mentioned. Cost a little more but that is all I sell now (vs the regular Swiss) ...

Bones Ceramics

The regular Swiss 7 ball design with Silicon Nitride (SiN) balls. The balls are dark gray to black. Do not confuse these with the cheaper white ball Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) bearings. My ceramics (I got 'em in 2001) have proven about indestructable...... I neglect them hideously....they keep on rolling. Worth the money if you sk8 alot and want the best.....
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