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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
That's a lot of knee bend. If I'm entering an spin or besti squat
I bend low. But that's briefly. Mostly, I only bend enough to shock asorb. I've been invited to join speed but I'm still a bit weary about how it will affect my knees.
Not to worry, newer skaters rarely get that low and never hold it. In fact most don't. If you're having a lot of pain now work on getting it to heal before you try to get to low. Then you can work up to it. Off skate we do a lot of squats, wall sits, jump rope etc. And stretching. One to try (when you're in shape) is stand about one arms length from the wall feet close together, bend down and lean until your left shoulder is on the wall. This also helps getting the skates on the left edges and lets you feel the grip of the wheels.
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