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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
But I would like to say I have bought about 500 dollars worth of vitamins and I take them 3 times a day and my knee soreness seems to have gone almost all!

I have also retired so I can sleep for hours after a skating practice.

The good thing is my knee sorness is drastically reduced.


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I can also confirm that after seeing my post skating sessions soreness level starting to increase exponentially a couple years ago, I was becoming resigned to the possibility that i might have to give up skating entirely.

Then I got seriously engaged with researching health related issues and joint pain in particular. I came to learn a lot of important things related to how the body DOES -AND- DOESN'T deal with stress from all sources → physical, mental, emotional, environmental (pollutants, toxins ...); as well as why it has breakdowns in its ability to handle stress.

Within a short time, like you, after engaging in a regime of diet improvement, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements to the tune of several hundred dollars all my skating related sorness issues vanished.

The three primary factors we must address are nutritional deficiencies, toxin accumulations, and suppressed or mistakenly exaggerated activity immune systems (autoimmune responses).

The overuse of antibiotics, and overconsumption of sugar and carbs in the S.A.D, (standard American diet) has let to millions of people having totally disrupted and unhealthy bioflora compositions in their G-I tracts, which starts in the oral cavity.

Our immune systems function in a manner that relies on the synergy interactions between our "biomes" (the 10 trillion bacteria living IN and ON our bodies) the the other processes happening within our bodies. The effectiveness of our immune system functions are 60-80% codependent on the optimum functioning status of our biome.

Sugar needs to be eliminated from our diets it is an addictive, literally poisonous, substance, with zero (actually NEGATIVE) nutritional value. Most people are starved of the proper essential fatty acids. Too much of the fats in our S.A.D. are bad vegetable oil sourced and most people have horrible ratios of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids consumption. To many of the calories most people consume are carb sourced, and those carbs are also married to bad quality vegetable fats as well, with almost all the snack foods consumed. Corporate produced foods and drugs are literally killing us, and destroying our quality of live on the way to the grave as well.

So many people have "leaky gut" syndrome, where their G-I tract biome is in such terrible shape and the intestinal wall is leaking things into the bloodstream that should not be there.

One of these is Gluten, which only became a significant presence in wheat in the 1980's after a massive worldwide effort to improve the protein content of wheat by cross breeding. The more things getting into the bloodstream that do not belong there, the more and more hyped and disturbed out immune systems become, and this can lead to it attacking our own tissues in our joints (rheumatoid arthritis).

Earlier in the thread I listed a lot of dietary supplements that can clear up joint pain issues. There are now many products that combine into one pill anywhere from 8 to 16 of these various substances into a single pill. Many of these are very effective products with rapid improvement possible within a few days to a few weeks.

In addition, I also suggest that people stare taking a potent probiotic supplement to restore their biome back to being a healthful ecosystem that promotes proper immune system functioning.

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