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Smile Stiff boots caused knee sorness.

I recently bought some new skates. In fact, I bought two pairs. The second pair and boots are being mounted, but I got my first pair back yesterday.

1) They are Roll Line Dance plates with Edea Ice Fly boots. Incredible action in the Dance Plates almost made me fall on my butt, but also the boots allow enormous movement at the ankles.

2) My old skates Synder Imperials, With Donald Jackson boots made for doing quadruple jumps do not allow for any ankle movement. All the movements from leans and jumps and spins must come from the knee joint, hence why I was getting sore at the right knee from several hours of concentrated practice at the rink. Usually I'm the only one practicing many of the!

3) The Edea Fly boots allow so much movement at the ankle, that today I felt very little soreness after skating 4 hours.

4) I will not use my new skates for freestyle. Too much movement in the ankle can cause a sprain if I get off axis.

5) My second pair of skates being mounted are Roll Line Energy plates with a Edea Concerto boots.

Thanks for listening.

Larry O

I'm actually thinking of buying a third pair of skates for Figures... the Roll Line! Think I have too many skates? Nope just the average.
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