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Default Please read: FORUM RULES UPDATED May 2014

This forum is NOT a general discussion forum. It is a place to take advantage of Doc Sk8's knowledge of sk8ing. His main areas of knowledge are:

* INDOOR Skating
* Skate Building (Jam, Derby and Speed)
* Skate Repair
* Boots, Wheels (Indoor), Plates, Frames, Bearings, etc.
* Almost anything related to INDOOR quad / inline skates.

1) Please ask a question and provide pix if possible. Sometimes the language and terminology used are confusing so pix help.

It is no longer necessary to obey the 1 question 1 answer rule...especially since I have broken it frequently.

NOTE: If you are not Doc Sk8 and wish to post an answer feel free to do so. BUT you must wait for me. I will delete
responses from anyone that can't hold on to their horses unless:
1) It is an awesome answer.
2) If you catch it before I do and apologize, I'm good with that.

You can also feel free to PM me with your answer. Iffin it's a good 'en, I'll post it with proper credit given.

2) I do not pretend to know everything (opinions to the contrary not withstanding ) so there are times I may be slow in responding... gotta do my homework. I may also be answering PMs, email or actually building / modifying sk8s.... or SK8ING.

If I forget or am slow to answer, please PM me to remind me.

3) In the even I have made a mistake or you do not agree with my response....which can happen... PLEASE PM ME. I will take action to correct or clarify it ASAP. Attempt to correct me in the open at your peril. I will delete your post at minimum.

4) Banned individuals. Yes there are members who I find so absolutely objectionable in their overbearing need to be Mr. Know It All that I have felt the need to ban them. One of them cannot seem to get it through their head that they are not allowed to post here. I have cut them slack in the past, but no more. So banned offenders, don't waste your time posting here, and don't bother to pretend to apologize for doing so. I will erase you as soon as I see you have broken the rules.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."

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