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Default How to get a User Account and Posting Privileges in the SkateLog Forum

Automatic user registration has been turned off in the SkateLog Forum, probably permanently, but it is still very possible to get a user account and posting privileges. Here's how:

Send a message to me and forum co-host Jessica Wright at with the following information:

1. Two user names - your 1st and 2nd choice

2. Where you live

3. If you skate, what kind of skates do you have, what kind of skating do you do, and where do you skate?

4. If you don't skate, what is your interest in skating? (potential skater, former skater, parent, coach, fan, rink owner, federation official, judge, event organizer, etc)

5. Optional: If you know a current SkateLog Forum member, asking them to send us a message recommending you can speed up the validation process, but this step is optional and not a requirement.

Everybody who wants to talk about skating is welcome in the SkateLog Forum, but we ask user account applicants to introduce themselves to help us screen out spammers and spambots. Jessica and I are committed to keeping the SkateLog forum 100% spam free!

- Kathie Fry
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