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In response to the general idea of league meets being run like Nationals, some league meets are intentionally not run the same. Sometimes leagues wait a little while for skaters who aren't on the line on time, and allow relay teams to be formed at the last minute. Sometimes DQ's are unusual, at such meets a coach or skater is told how their behavior would result in a DQ at Nationals, so it's a learning experience for the skater/coach, rather than being demotivational. Regionals and Nationals are to determine who is best; some league meets are primarily intended to be educational.

Yes, there were things that happened at this particular meet that no-one was happy about; I'm talking about general goals.

The Great Lakes League is very much run by League coaches. There will be a planning meeting just before the next meet. If anyone who is a member of a League Team has any suggestions, tell your coach. He/she will consider them, with the opinions of others on your team, then put those which the team supports on the table for discussion with other coaches. If anyone is interested in even more involvement, notify your coach, of a League official, and you can become part of the group making things better.
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