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Originally Posted by Infinity View Post
The Deluxe frames arn't any different to the standard 7000 except that it's more stiff so it feels easier to do some techincal wheeling tricks.
Weight wise it's lighter but you won't feel any difference.
I agree that the difference in weight will probably not be noticeable. And yes, the stiffer frame helps (to me, it just feels better, even for non-technical stuff).

One other advantage, though, is significantly beefed-up support arches on the frame. Originally, I had the standard frames on my Seba Highs. Unfortunately, I broke some of the support arches on both of the 7000 frames while doing off-label tricks (stalls, jumps). The frames were still useable, but considerably less stiff after the support structures were compromised.

On the Deluxe frame, the support arches have been strengthened considerably. This would lead me to believe that the Deluxe frames are much more durable. And my experience has born this out, as I've had no problem with the frames since switching to the upgraded model.

Anywho, the 7000 frames are still fine for slalom. Just don't treat them like an aggro skate.
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