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Originally Posted by Nevilove1 View Post
Does anyone have any more information/details?
Who would I contact to sign up? Can you sign up the day of? Will they have quads? And if so will they go before inlines or after (no point in tiring myself out on quads if they are before.) How much does it cost? How many people are usually there? Anything else you can think of..
Regionals are usually just to qualify for Nationals. As J/K said, if your goal is to skate quad Nationals, there's no need to skate Regionals (and you can't in quads).

For inlines, the registration date is probably long past; you could contact Ricci Porter at 402-483-7551 for a possible exception, and other information. To skate Regionals (and/or quad Nationals) you must be a USARS member, which is another cost; I don't know whether Derby membership would apply. Probably over 100 skaters at some Regionals.

If your goal is to compete, Regionals may not be the best. In some age categories, there may be just one skater. And, because the goal is to be in the top 4, and thus qualify for Nationals, some skaters don't try their hardest (best not to hurt yourself and be unable to skate Nationals well). For competition, perhaps best to skate a League meet, starting this fall; watch for announcements here, or post a question then. (Leagues can combine categories; in the Great Lakes League you'd never skate alone.)

Regionals registrations are normally done by a team coach. If you're not on a speed team, ask Ricci about ones you could join and/or how to register next year without a team.
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